Bruno Lichtenstein

I'm a proud brown belt with two stripes under Marco Delima. I met Marco in 2008 when he began teaching at Plus One Self Defense Systems in West Hartford, CT. (I previously trained under Royce Gracie, Rolker Gracie, and Rodrigo Gracie for 4 years.)

In December 2009, I traveled to Miami with Marco to train with an amazing collection of BJJ black belts including Manoel Soares and Ailton Barbossa. Marco took me to meet and learn with Marcus Aurelio. I'd have to say, its about as good as it gets with Team Delima and Plus One.

In 2008, I was a Pan Jiu-Jitsu Gold Medalist (no-gi).
In 2004, I was a NAGA New England Submission Champion (gi).

I'm the Founder and President of Brunami Fight Gear - Be The Wave!
In addition to sponsoring Marco at competitions, Brunami sponsors UFC Fighter Jorge Rivera, elite MMA instructor Rob Kahn, the indomitable Jay Bell, and many other great competitors.

Each day that my teammates and I train BJJ with Marco, we learn, love, and create new memories. Yes, BJJ is with us everyday (go to to see what Rolker Gracie thinks about BJJ training).

Training at Plus One and learning with Marco, Jay Bell, Plus One owner Darin Reisler, my three incredible sons (Thor, Balder and Odin), and our extended BJJ family is a blessing. (I also had the privileged of participated in Royce Gracie's pre-fight preparation for his 2005 UFC fight with Matt Hughes, including learning experiences with Master Helio Gracie.)

Train BJJ with us and you will FEEL BJJ. Only then, will you fully experience the euphoria of our lifestyle.

I've been training BJJ for almost 7 years. I'll be 49 in a few blinks. Don't wait another blink.

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